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That time when the car was shining.
For me, classic cars were the days when my father, grandfather, and older brothers were riding.
Everyone loved cars. 
The children rushed to the passenger seat, listened to the adults, and observed driving.
And everyone deepened their understanding of the car.
And they were proud of their car knowledge and dreamed of the future.

I went to that place. I'll get on that car someday.
Music, cityscape, young parents, girlfriend.
Various experiences at an early age.
I remember that.

DEN GT chair concept

Afterall love a car.

One furniture craftsman thought at that time.
"Something is not enough"
The existence of a familiar car that made me dream and sometimes a place to talk.
And there was a longing.
There is no rule.
Here is a chair that car enthusiasts made.

The story of the future is in each experience.

I want to make a living chair that respects the car I admired.
I wanted such a chair for everyday life.

4/5 scale of actual vehicle

The actual driver's seat is oversized and very heavy.
Therefore, it was reduced to 4/5 scale.
The same size as the dining chair.
Also, because the internal structure of the frame and seat are all wooden,
It is not as heavy as an actual car seat and can be easily carried.

I didn't want to be just a miniature.
Here, by making the same dimensions as the actual vehicle, for example, the upper surface of the seat.
I feel as if I was riding a car.
The uncomfortable feeling of the ratio has been deformed by precise calculations.

The interior of the seat has the same spring structure as the actual vehicle, and research has been conducted on urethane stacking.
Reproduce the sitting comfort at the time.

The leg frame has a shape that tributes to each car.
Tree species is strong oak used for whiskey barrels.
Colored with shades that match the steering and wood panels.
The finish is more satisfying.

The wooden parts are handmade by furniture craftsmen who love cars. 
We promise a finish that takes advantage of many years of experience.

Skin leather sewing is a work by skilled craftsmen.
Reproduce the sewing of the actual car.

The structure is subjected to JIS standard furniture durability test.
Can be used with peace of mind in everyday life.

DEN GT chair has obtained a product license from Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
On the back, there is an emblem indicating the official recognition.
The frame is marked with an emblem showing Japanese craftsmen and completely handmade.

The story of the future is in each experience.


DEN GT Chair Hakosuka 4/5 SCALE

Living chair that respects the driver's seat of GC10 Skyline 2000GT
The seat surface has the same metal S spring structure as the actual vehicle, making it comfortable to wear.
Hakosuka's characteristic press line,
Adopted a shape that tributes to "Surfing Line" in the leg frame part.
The headrest is removable.
You can change your mood and use it as a sporty low back seat.
On the back is an emblem of Skyline GT, which is recognized by Nissan Motor.

DEN GT Chair Hakosuka 4/5 SCAL
Price ¥110,000


A characteristic high-back seat of the S30 DATSUN Z.
The backrest has a bucket shape that wraps around the body and has the same air holes as the actual vehicle.
The spring structure of the seating surface is knitted with a waving belt, just like a real car.
The soft sitting comfort has been faithfully reproduced.
Leg frame adopts "Z type" homage to emblem.
The stretchy shape expresses the fair lady's fascinating styling.
On the back, an emblem certified by Nissan Motor shines.

Price ¥120,000


It was published in the Asahi Shimbun evening paper.

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